Change-over Balance

Dismount the old tire from the wheel, mount the new tire on the wheel, Balance the wheel using the Hunter Smart Weight Balancer. Install the wheels on the car. Retorque the wheels after 30 to 100 km.


Remove the existing tires from the vehicle. Install the new tires (already on wheels) on the vehicle. No balancing required. Retorque the wheels after 30 to 100 km.


Rotate Wheels Front to Back. If you buy the tires from Andre’s. We do free rotate every 10,000 km to improve tire life.

Flat Repair

Remove the wheel, check where the leak is. If the leak can be safely repaired, remove the tire, patch the leak remount, and balance the tire. Andre’s will not patch tires which are unsafe. Only a maximum of three patches are allowed. Sidewalls cannot be patched. Tires worn below the ware bar cannot be patched.


Installing studs on studdable winter tires. (from new, used tires cannot be studded)


Balance a tire that is already on a wheel.

Road Force Balance

Use the Hunter Road Force system to Balance a performance tire.

Bead Balance

Use the “Bead Bag” system to balance a tire. Typically used for larger Light Truck tires for off road use.


Remove a tire from a wheel.